Top 10 Private Equity Investing Platforms

We examine the leading private equity investing platforms that allow investors to access private equity funds with lower minimums and fees.

Top 10 Private Equity Investing Platforms
Nasdaq Private Market allows its investors to invest in late-stage companies.

Private equity investing platforms are online platforms that allow investors to access private equity funds. These platforms typically have lower minimum investment requirements than traditional private equity funds, making them more accessible to retail investors. In this article, we examine the leading private equity investing platforms, ranking them based on assets under management (AUM), the range of investment options available, minimum investment requirements, fees, adherence to regulations, and historical performance.

For this list, we are excluding early-stage crowdfunding venture capital platforms such as StartEngine, SeedInvest, AngelList, Republic, and MicroVentures, which do not offer sufficient exposure to top-tier private equity funds.


CAIS is a digital wealth management platform that offers access to alternative investments, including real estate, venture capital, and private equity funds, which are not easily accessible on traditional platforms. They provide exposure to over 500 fund structures from more than 200 leading global managers with total assets under management exceeding $90 billion. With sophisticated risk monitoring tools and advanced portfolio construction, CAIS allows investors of all sizes to easily access complex investment vehicles with no minimums or trading fees. The platform has raised $406 million, according to Crunchbase.


Moonfare is a digital platform providing a straightforward way for accredited investors worldwide to access top-tier venture capital funds through fractional investments with a minimum of €10,000. By investing alongside institutional investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, SoftBank Vision Fund, and General Atlantic, users can gain exposure to leading private companies. Moonfare has raised $175 million to date and offers low fees without additional layers of markup or management fees, with no hidden costs or onboarding charges. The minimum commitment amount varies per fund, typically ranging between €10K to €50K based on the individual investor's overall portfolio size.

Nasdaq Private Market

Nasdaq Private Market is a secure trading platform that enables companies to manage their equity, offering liquidity solutions for shareholders before going public. The platform also provides capital raising and post-transaction management services for pre-IPO investments. With access to a vast network of global financial institutions and venture capital firms, Nasdaq Private Market facilitates secondary market transactions among existing shareholders, providing full transparency into pricing history and order book depth while streamlining settlement times. The platform boasts over $10 billion AUM, with no minimums or fees required for entry level accounts. Nasdaq, the parent company of Nasdaq Private Market, holds a market cap of $244.5 billion.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is an online discount brokerage that provides a wide range of financial services, including securities trading and asset management. It offers access to multiple markets across the globe through its secure and user-friendly platform. With a market cap of $38.5 billion, the firm has more than $7 trillion of AUM with over 5 million customers. It offers competitive fees and low minimums for investors, as well as advanced tools such as portfolio analysis, portfolio rebalancing, and technology integrations so customers can make informed decisions when investing in stocks, options, mutual funds or ETFs.


iCapital is a financial technology platform that provides access to alternative investments and digital onboarding services for asset managers, broker/dealers, banks, RIAs, family offices and wealthy investors. It offers a range of products such as private equity funds, hedge funds and other alternatives. iCapital is a fast-growing platform with over $45 billion in AUM from more than 80 different industries. It has no account minimums or ongoing fees associated with its use.

In May 2020, iCapital acquired Artivest, a platform that simplifies the process of investing in private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, and real estate through technology and automation with no minimums or subscription fees. Founded in 2011, Artivest had raised $17 million.


CrowdStreet is a real estate investment platform that connects accredited investors with commercial real estate opportunities. The platform offers a variety of investment opportunities, including single-asset investments, fund investments, and real estate debt. CrowdStreet charges a fee to sponsors for listing their projects on the platform, and investors must be accredited investors. CrowdStreet has facilitated over $4 billion in investments in commercial real estate projects.


SharesPost is a regulated private securities marketplace and investment platform that connects accredited investors with venture-backed companies, allowing investment in pre-IPO venture capital deals. It provides liquidity options for early employees and founders. Access to private equity investments is available for top-performing startups such as Uber, Airbnb, SpaceX, Palantir, Lyft, Pinterest, Slack, Instacart, and more. They have a minimum investment of $10k and an annual fee of 0.25% based on AUM. Accreditation is mandatory for all investors to engage in transactions on the platform.


EquityZen is a secondary market platform, allowing investors to purchase shares of pre-IPO companies from existing shareholders. EquityZen provides access to over 200 private companies with investments ranging from $10K to several million dollars. The platform has an AUM of over $500 million and charges two types of fees–transaction fees and annual custody fees. EquityZen does not have any minimums for investment but does require investors to be accredited.


PoolIt is a private equity investing platform that allows accredited investors to invest in top venture capital and private equity funds with little to no minimum investment. PoolIt works by pooling the capital of accredited investors and then investing that capital in top venture capital and private equity funds.The platform was founded in 2021 by Dakotah Rice, who previously worked as a venture capitalist at Coatue, Carlyle Group, Goldman Sachs.

CaliberX is the enterprise platform by PoolIt that provides access to alternative investment funds for wealth managers and Turnkey Asset Management Platforms (TAMPs). The platform offers a variety of features via its API, including access to a wide range of alternative investment funds, tech-forward transfer agency services, and due diligence and compliance services.


Linqto is a real estate investing platform offering exclusive access to commercial and residential property opportunities. Linqto's vision is to democratize private investing by making it accessible, affordable, and liquid for individual investors. It provides pre-vetted deals with no minimum investment requirements, enabling direct investments. The Linqto mobile app enables our members to invest in pre-IPO companies and manage their investments from anywhere, at any time.